That is me

That is me

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

What is the impact of....

I started using google, when I was 12.
In my study, google is indispensable, because you have to learn 
nearly everything yourself.
Together with youtube, google means knowledge, power and for
me personally it´s impossible to live one day without it.
Once and a while, I wished to be a millionaire, 
so I could just work for fun.
All in all, google provides me an opportunity to get knowledge 
about every topic I´m interested in, to find places I have never
been before, ect. Google has a tool for every problem,
so in a while it will govern the hole world.

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What I learned in my first week at CreaTe

First day: 20 seconds are very long...

Second day: I´m not the center of the universe...

Third day: It`s not enough to pass the curs,
you have to do it well...

4th day: The "Sendung mit der Maus" explains everything the best way.

5th day: If you want to have a tabel, you should come early...