That is me

That is me

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Productive??? day...

26.06. 2011
Now I "just" have to get my minigame running :(

And there it is :)
My essay: (without the pictures, sorry for that)
If you want to see the version with pictures use:

How to make a game out of media overload

Media overload is a big topic nowadays, but how to make a game out of something that surrounds us unknowingly?

The first thought is to google media overload, and you can find 23.700.000 results in 0.17 seconds, as you can see when you search for media overload, you get media overload, the next filtering idea google gives you is „media overload bad for kids“. Ok so how to make a game out of something that is bad for kids.

One problem is to visualize media overload, if you search for media overload pictures at google, you can find 2.260.000 results in about 0.05 seconds. Here are some of them:



Both are a nice way to visualize media overload, but maybe not the best way to do so, if you want to make a game or an installation out of it.
If you want to visualize something you should know what exactly you want to display. Then what is media overload?
If you search for a definition what media overload is, you get following result:
information overload
having too much information to process
"DAVID AYLWIN, founder and managing director [of the Training Association], said: “With the huge explosion in emails and web pages, the average number of hours people spend having to read in a day is between four and seven. People are suffering from information overload. They need to update the reading skills they were taught when they were five”." [Mary Morgan The Daily Mail]

As a result, media overload is information overload, ok the how to display information overload?
Then the next idea, was to do it in the was matrix does it already, so people are used to it.


If you want to read more about the actual idea, please visit the other proposal I already wrote for our group:

Now I will tell you something about another idea we had and why we will not do it this way:

Make it portable!

One sketch I made, the idea was, not to use a tent and one umbrella, but 2 umbrellas, one must be very big, and the other one is a child's umbrella. If you put one minibeamer in the small umbrella to display the filtered data and about 3 bigger beamer in the big umbrella, to display the data information, you can make out idea portable.
Around the big umbrella there would be semitransparent fabric, so you can read the information, that is displayed on the fabric and it would also display it on your surrounding, so you have the feeling, that it really rains information. By using an accelerometer, we can track the movement of the umbrella and the displayed information will be changed.
But we abolished this idea, because the beamer will the umbrella become very weighty and so we would need a portable under-construction like this, but bigger:


And then it isn´t that portable and comfortable at all.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you did enjoy it.



 Juhu the next essay to write :)
My topic will be how to make a game out of media overload, I will post it here in a while.
I "already" did upload my portfolio, please use following link:
and please be not disapointed, because I didn´t manage it to make a new portfolio right now,
this will be one of my task for the summer "holidays".


I started to make my new portfolio, beause my old one did not look very good...
But getting a new webspace is not that easy...
If you do not have a credit card or paypal...
And how to use a check????
I nerver saw one in real life... Just in movies....

So I will start writing my essay now...

And there it is: (with pictures: )

The little prince goes nano

Who is the little prince

The little prince is the main character of „The little prince“ from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
In general the story is about the little prince from the asteroid B 612, who is traveling to different planets, where he meets different kind of people. On his traveling, he met a king, a vain man, a drinker, a businessman, a lamp lighter and a geographer, who are displayed like a stereotype.
The little prince shows up the all their mistakes and realized that you have to think by heart.
In the story he also travels to earth, where he crossed the narrator´s way, who explained a lot to the little prince and the little prince became more and more clever, but he never forgot to think by heart.
So the book really has a philosophical background and not only a kid´s book, as a child you do not understand everything in detail and every time your read it, you get thought-provoking impulses. This could be one reason, why it was translated into more than 100 languages, so it is known all over the world.

What the project is about

We decided to make an overall story, that connects all the subsenarios.
And what would be nicer then making all the subsenarios as a own small planet, it´s nearly like the nanolab itself, because you have to complete every subsenario before you can do the next step.
That was quite good for the task devision, we are with six people, so we decided that everyone should make his own planet. But just giving the subsenarios a planet is not enough, somebody should explain what this subsenario is about, so we implement the characters.
By giving everybody the possibility to design the planet in the way they want to, the end-result became more creative and individual then by using just one concept and design, the only one, who did not have the chance to do something individual was Raphael, because he made the little prince and to connect the book with our story, the little prince need to look the way he does in the book. 
But having world´s with characters is not good enough, so we made an introduction story, a homepage to be represented all over the world and I drew a little comic, that you can have the feeling of the book, you can travel around and get explanations about what you are seeing, so you are the little prince, stupid in the beginning but clever in the end.

But why did we choose the little prince as a character?

Maybe you think we choose the little prince as a character, because he is so cute. Perhaps it´s a nice add-on, but the reason, why we did choose the little prince is, that the visitors of the nanolab are like him. Most of them maybe know about the money the nanolab costs each day, but they do not know what happens in there, in detail. So they can get the informations on a lower level, on a level they can understand. That´s the way somebody would explain it to the little prince. Some of the visitors will know a lot about the nanolab in the end, but in the beginning, they all are like the little prince, just not that cute...
Moreover if you use a nerd as your leading character, there are a lot of difficulties. Did you ever try to follow a nerd, when he is talking about his department? For sure, for nerds it is easy to listen to nerds, but if you have no idea about what he is talking about... It´s not funny to listen to them...
But also the other way round, it´s really hard to find explanations, and worlds for what you are talking about, if yours audience is full of idiots. Like: “In the nanolab we are producing chips“ “Oh nice, I love chips, what flavors do you produce“ Ok most of the visitors will know what kind of chips are made in the nanolab, but maybe just most of them.
Additional if you want to use nerd as your main character, you don´t need to make a 3D model of him, there are more then enough nerds in the nanolab, just ask one of them to explain you something about the subsenarios and for sure, the little prince is really good looking...
And last but not least, using a cute character to explain something is a effective concept.

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Stupid people....

I went to the road traffic licensing department in Siegburg...
To ask if I could make my driving license in Gronau...

Do you know this kind of people, who you look at and you know
they are stupid?

So... after long discussions I should prove her that I´m a student
(and for sure a studentpass is not good enough - but where for is
it, when it´s not there to prove that you are a student...)

And.... I should prove her that Gronau is the next city in germany,
when you come from Enschede...
How to prove that? Fuck the hell... Use google maps...
So my answer was: I´m sorry I do not have a map with me...

What is the impact of....

I started using google, when I was 12.
In my study, google is indispensable, because you have to learn 
nearly everything yourself.
Together with youtube, google means knowledge, power and for
me personally it´s impossible to live one day without it.
Once and a while, I wished to be a millionaire, 
so I could just work for fun.
All in all, google provides me an opportunity to get knowledge 
about every topic I´m interested in, to find places I have never
been before, ect. Google has a tool for every problem,
so in a while it will govern the hole world.

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

What I am doing in this moment....

Monday, the 23th of May:

I decided to spend more efford into my blog ans my portfolio...
Maybe I should buy my own webspace... I hate the ads on it...
And it´s fuckin slow... :(

 Thursday, the 4th of november:

Now I`m writing the 2 other essays... The reflections for the courses We Create Identity and Web Technology. In this moment I`m not quite sure what to write but I hope it will come while writing.

Sunday, the 24th of october:

Now: I´m so happy, my essay is ready and the intractive video also seems to be so.
If you want to read it, I have put it below.

My essay

Essay by Sabrina Stocker

Assistive technologies at football

During the World Cup in South-Africa 2010, there was a maybe match changing goal not token for granted, because the referee and the linesman just did not see it.

It would have been the 2:2 and so the equalise goal for England. But the referee and the linesman both stood in a position where their local conditions and its perspective makes it impossible to see whether the ball is behind, on or in front of the line. Also as the ball dashes 40 cm behind the goal´s line.

Now the World Cup is a few months ago but nevertheless I would like to use this goal and all the other wrong decisions as a reason to take a look at possible assistive technologies at football.

First of all I would like to give you an overview of my essay:

1. In what kind of situations does the referee have to make decisions and when does he mesh.       
                                                                                                                                         Page 2

2. Which assistive technologies are allowed at other sports.
                                                                                                                                         Page 3

3. Technologies, that could be used at football
                                                                                                                                         Page 4

4. Public opinions
                                                                                                                                         Page 5

5. Conclusion
                                                                                                                                         Page 6

6 Indication of source
                                                                                                                                         Page 7

1. In what kind of situations does the referee have to make decisions and when does he mesh.   

The referee has to make a lot of decisions, it starts a few minutes before the match itself starts. He has to control the football ground and decide, whether it is possible to play on this ground or not. For sure this is no hard decision, it should nearly be possible to play football on every ground, but if it is an important match, the ground should be blameless.

If you have ever see a match, where this is nearly the only decision he has to made, you really have seen the most boring football match in the history.

Clearly the referee has to act when someone scores a goal, then he has to give the goal. Or if something went wrong, he does not give it, but this is not that often.
You may think this is the easiest part, if you remember my intro, you will see that it is not that easy, also if you have some help by the linesman.

Next the referee has to mesh, if someone makes a foul, for sure he can only react, if he get the foul. Then he has to determine whether it is a bad foul or not. So he can choose which kind of discipline seems to be the right one: a free kick, a red card, a yellow card, a penalty kick, or if he just let the match run, because there is an advantage for the team, which got fouled. For sure there are also fouls where no one got fouled, for example the handball. This is one of the worst fouls.

Moreover the referee has to interact, when it ball goes outside the football ground. But here he gets help by the linesmen. Then he has to give a trow-in or a corner ball, this depends on where the ball lefts the ground.For sure the team, who did not had contact to the ball the last time gets the ball.

An last but not least the offside. One of the favourite fouls that are possible. And sometimes it is really hard to see, because it depends on the moment where someone pass the ball to a team-mate, and the linesman has to see where the team-mate, who gets the ball was at the moment when the pass starts. I think it is really hard to see so much things at the same time. Maybe this is a reason why some teams really try to include offside in their tactics, but that is not a nice way to get a goal.

2. Which assistive technologies are allowed at other sports.

The most usual assistive technology is a simple watch. It is used in nearly every sport.
And no one would ever say: “Hey, you use a watch to decide, whether this man runs faster then an other one.“
Clearly a watch is a very simple technology but it is one.

That is not all, what we find if we look for assistive technologies in sports.
In a lot of sports the video proof is admitted.
But every sport does it on it is own way.

For example the video proof in the NFL (Americas “National Football League“), here it is two times per matched allowed to the team´s head-coach to appeal every decision the referee made. Then the referee looks at the videos, that are made for the television, and decides again.

It is also accepted at ice hockey its different, in some leagues you have a camera in the goal, here you can see whether the puck passes over the goal´s line or not.
But in the NHL (the north American “National Hockey League“) its really special. Here you have a video-referee, which is in the NHL-department and watches all the match´s camera perspectives, for sure life. When a video proof is necessary, the video referee calls the normal referee and tells him to go into the video box, where he can see the videos himself to make a decision.

Moreover its admitted to use the video proof in basketball. Here it is used for every kind of decision. It does not matter whether it is a shot-clock (because it is not allowed to take more time than 24 seconds for each attack, and the video proof can show, if the ball left the players hand in time),a foul, a lack of sportsmanship, or what ever.

And last but not least it also allowed at tennis.

But not at football.

3. Technologies, that could be used at football

For sure they could use the video proof or the goal camera. The different ways how to use a video proof are notedly mentioned at other sports.

But today´s technology makes so much more feasible then a simple camera.

One interesting concept is called „Chip-Ball“, it is created by Adidas, the Fraunhofer-Institut für integrierte Schaltungen and the company Cairos Technologies AG. It is a football with an included ASIC-chip and a transmitter, to send data.
The ASIC-chip (application specific integrated circuit) is a special electrical circuit, that makes it impossible to manipulate the Chip-Ball. This chip is placed in the middle of the ball and sends radio signals to the referee, who wears a receiver in his wristlet. Surely the chip only sends these signals, if the ball passes the outlines or the goal´s line.

Moreover you could put GPS-chips in the footballer´s shoes to decide, if there is an offside. I have never heard about something like that in sports but it should not be difficult to realise it. It would be very helpful for the linesman, which has to kook at so much things on the same time.

Additional they could use wristlets, which shows, if football player from different teams touch each other. I´m not sure how it works but I have seen something like that at a TV-show. So if the referee is not sure whether a player fouls another one, he could exclude it, when the wristlets tells, that there was no contact, between these two players.

4.  Public opinions

There are two parties. The ones who want assistive technologies at football to be allowed and the ones who does not want to change something at this sport.
And both parties have their arguments.

I will split these parties into two different groups. The fans and the FIFA.

Let me start with the FIFA.

On the one hand there is the secretary general and president of the FIFA, Joseph Blatt decide to ban the Chip-Ball from the football, because he thinks that everyone should play football with the same rules, from the champions league to small kids, who are the first time on the football ground. He would miss the human component, when he would allow assistive technologies. In his opinion football mainly is that popular because of its simpleness. He will maybe solve the problems with 2 additional assistive referees, who stands continuously at the goals line and look, whether the ball was inside the goal or not.

On the other hand the referees are really interested in any assistive technology they could get, because it is impossible to se everything.
The referee specialist Helmut Krug from the DFL (Deutschen Fußball Liga) criticise, that it is a bad decision, which bans the Chip-Ball from the football. No referee is proud on a wrong decision, he made, that influence the hole match.
And also Franz Beckenbauer realises the time to make a change. He thinks that assistive technologies should be used in football, but football lives with its emotions, so it should also be possible to make mistakes at all.

Now I will show you the other party: The football fans.

About 70 % of all football fans advocates the Chip-Ball and the video proof. They would like to use these assistive technologies to correct the referees wrong decisions. 22 % of them would use it only at the question: „Was it a goal or not?“
So 48 % also want to use these tools when someone maybe made a handball or something like that.

Only 28 % of the football fans are strictly against assistive technologies.
The funny part of this is, that 42 % of them are in a age between 14 and 19, people who use technical things the hole day long and only 15 % of the football fans, who are against assistive technologies are older then 60 years.

6.  Conclusion

My conclusion:

I understand the fear of assistive technologies antagonists. Maybe football would not be that emotionally anymore if you control everything. And maybe football lives from the referees mistakes.
But when we talk about football, there is also a lot of money, we are talking about.
If a referee makes a bad mistake and so the wrong team wins the match, they also get a lot of money for it. (For example at the World Cup final)

So they should change something. Maybe the two additional referees are a good solution.
I would let football that human without much assistive technologies, but all this technologies should find a place where they can be used and where they get their acknowledgement.

This should find it is place in a a new sport, maybe named tech-ball or something like this, where you can use every technical things you want to use, everything would be allowed. From the assistive technologies for the referees to everything the coaches or player want to use. For sure this will get very strange and confusing, but I think it would also be very funny.

7.  Indication of source;2550574

Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

What I am doing in this moment....

Saturday, the 23th of october:

This time I really try to do something else then my essay. But I think I should finish it in a short time.
I also write some pages, but I can´t concentrate, because my boyfriend left this morning
to visit his family and I would love to be somewhere else then in Enschede this weekend.
A good friend (she is one year younger then me and not that long engaged then me) got a baby this tuesday and I would love to visit her and Damien Luca.
I never thought that I´m not the first one in my circle of friends, who is married and gets a baby and some stuff like that.
But it will took about 5 more years until I get marriend and I´m not sure, whether I really want to get children. It´s crazy how differend school-friend´s life went.
But now I should write something for my essay....

Some days ago:
At this moment I´m waiting for my boyfriend to stop doing some fucking noise.
He dosn´t want to do something for his school... So I can´t do something because he is...
...watching TV...
...vacuum the floor...
I´m getting lunatic.

Monday the 6th:

At the moment I´m getting crazy, because I make my postcard...
Exactly it means I´m drawing the skeleton of a puzzle...
Have you ever done something terrible? 
It costs to much time and its so mindless..
And then I have to cut peaces out of pictures in this form again...
I don´t want to think about this by now....

After all this mindless stuff I also have to write something about CreaTe
on the backside...
Does anyone of you have an idea what I can write??

Before I have done this I made the rewies....
I hate doning things like that... I think it is really hard to rate people I do not really know...
If I rate someone unfair I´m sorry, that wasn´t my intention...

Samstag, 2. Oktober 2010

My essay´s topic

I thougt very long, and it was really hard for me to find a topic.
Then I saw pictures from the Football World Cup and there was my topic.
How many
technical tools should be used at football?
What technical tools are used in other sports?
And something like that...
I will post my essay here when it´s ready...

Until then... Have fun with my blog....

What I learned in my first week at CreaTe

First day: 20 seconds are very long...

Second day: I´m not the center of the universe...

Third day: It`s not enough to pass the curs,
you have to do it well...

4th day: The "Sendung mit der Maus" explains everything the best way.

5th day: If you want to have a tabel, you should come early...